Quotes In Life

[This is going to be a page of quotes that reflect moods/lessons learned the everyday journey of my life.]


Entry 21st January 2013

Happiness is a journey

choosing happiness

Entry 23rd December 2012

7steps to happiness

three simple rules

always laugh amazing-inspirational-quotes-08 amazing-inspirational-quotes-23


every end is a new beginning


for beautiful  eyes

never second guess who you are takeaway truth

Entry 9 November 2012

Entry : 13 October 2012

Entry : 19 Sept. 2012

Just bring it up here from the front sidebar.

Entry : 17 Sept. 2012

From trip to India :

I would like to call this photo as Painted Sky.  Captured this at the same day and time as the photo below, right after the sun was setting but light from the sun still shone up the sky…and painted the sky with colors! 🙂

This view of the sun setting was taken from the plane traveling back from New Delhi to Bangalore last November. We did a vacation to Jammu & Kashmir and experiencing the early winter season there.  The coldness is colder than the winter in London that we went after that, December 2011. ~Rush


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