10 Dating Lessons from Cats in GIFS – Meow!

He's the best2

David Archuleta; latest album No Matter How Far and loves cat too.

1. If you’re on the prowl, don’t be overly aggressive when approaching someone who’s caught your eye.

Dating Advice from Cats


2.  Ladies, on the first date, try to wear sensible shoes that won’t leave you limping by the end of the night.


3.  Don’t let first-date nerves get the best of you. Just remember to breathe and be yourself!

Dating Advice from CatsGIFEYE

4.  And make sure you keep it to one or two drinks.

Dating Advice from Cats4GIFS.TUMBLR.COM

5.  Once you’ve decided to move things to the bedroom, a playful bite can be sexy, but always make sure the other person is on board before trying new things.

Dating Advice from CatsCHEEZBURGER.COM

6.  Unless it’s a back rub…everyone loves those.

Dating Advice from CatsCHEEZBURGER.COM

7.  Regardless of the relationship stage, don’t smother your partner emotionally (or literally) by being overbearing and controlling. All love needs room to grow.

Dating Advice from CatsBUZZFEED.COM

8.  The same goes for spying.

Dating Advice from CatsBUZZFEED.COM

9.  And remember that couple shirts (or hats) are never a good idea.

Dating Advice from CatsCHEEZBURGER.COM

10.  Above all, just try to have fun. Smiling wouldn’t hurt, either.

Dating Advice from CatsPLEATED-JEANS.COM

Credit : HowAboutWe


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