NEW : Putrajaya 1Malaysia Internet Centre (PI1M)

Note: Its not really new, these IT services centers been around for quite awhile now but it’s good the idea taken more seriously under 1Malaysia Internet Centre (PI1M).

Four(4) 1Malaysia Internet Centre (PI1M) is now open in Putrajaya to improve IT literacy among the population, especially children and housewives, namely 2 in Precinct 9, and one each in Precinct 16 and 18 In addition to the existence of PI1M also indirect employment opportunities to local children through overseeing these centers. PI1M opened in Putrajaya collaboration Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Property Management Division (CPD), the Department of the Prime Minister. PI1M is a government initiative under Budget 2013.

The program is funded using the Universal Service Provision Fund.

Presint 16

Presint 9 (2 locations)*

Phase 10

Presint 18

*Will be updated 


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