Still unsure about being at Putrajaya this May? We’ve got eight reasons that will change your mind.

Yoshihide Muroya (JPN) - Action

The world’s fastest and most exhilarating motorsports event on the planet is set to thunder across Putrajaya this May. And if you’re still undecided about getting your tickets, we’ve got eight darn good reasons why you should and be there in person to catch it live.

#8: A Level Playing Field

After being grounded for three years, the Red Bull Air Race went back to the drawing board and returned with improved safety enhancements as well as a tighter set of rules. This, alongside standardised planes has resulted in a more even playing field for all participants, one where any pilot can rise to the occasion to snatch victory from potential defeat.

#7: The Race Atmosphere

With a challenging race track laid out against a striking Putrajaya backdrop, prime seating arrangements alongside full service F&B villages, the Red Bull Air Race is more than just a competitive motorsports event. It’s an action-packed global showpiece that will deliver a world-class racing experience that is quite truly second to none.

We lay out all the best vantage spots in our guide here.

#6: The Racing Machines

A marvel to look at, the pilots of the Red Bull Air Race will be showcasing their talents behind the stick of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship race planes. The turbo-prop planes, which are the Edge 540 manufactured by ZIVKO Aeronautics, the MXS-R and theCorvus Racer 54 are not only lightweight, highly manoeuvrable, robust and fast but also display optimum flying capabilities and also stand as perfect examples of the very best in aviation design and aerodynamics.

Learn more about these flying beasts in our Red Bull Air Race cheatsheet.



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