Top 10 Hotspots For Human Longevity

As part of data collection for the World Fact-book, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) combs through death certificates, recording race, gender, cause of death and other factors to estimate the life expectancy of a nation’s entire population. Calculating the average life expectancy of the world’s total population at 67.59 years, the CIA has determined which societies live longer.

10. Italy

Average life expectancy: 81.86 years

9. Australia

Average life expectancy: 81.90 years

8. Hong Kong

Average life expectancy: 82.12 years

7. Guernsey

Average life expectancy: 82.24 years

6. Andorra

Average life expectancy: 82.50 years

5. San Marino

Average life expectancy: 83.07 years

4. Singapore

Average life expectancy: 83.75 years

3. Japan

Average life expectancy: 83.91 years

2. Macau

1. Monaco

Average life expectancy: 89.68 years

Residents of Monaco live, on average, 5.25 years longer than the second longest-living nation, Macau; that’s approximately a decade longer than the average American. Monaco shares several aspects with other long-living nations, including an abundance of wealth and state-funded healthcare. Monaco residents also live on a Mediterranean diet, which is associated with a reduced risk for a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. But many say it’s Monaco’s relaxing atmosphere that keeps residents hanging on until a ripe old age. Its location along the Mediterranean Sea and clean environment do their part to reduce stress, which can lower immunity and contribute to cardiovascular diseases. Maybe Ponce de León should have stayed closer to home in his search for the Fountain of Youth.

Source : World Factbook


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