Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Exhibition @ Maritime, Putrajaya

Managed to check it out yesterday and got some pictures! 🙂




Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs

Picture Credit : Putrajaya Corporation

31 Aug 2013 – 28 Feb 2014

Venue : Putrajaya, Maritime, Precinct 5

Extracted : 


For many of us, the backyard or back-garden is a very ordinary place; but on closer inspection, it is also an area where a busy drama is being played out. The world of the insects is a small-scale world, but if we take the trouble to look closer, we find out how interesting that world really is, and how important the insects are to our own life and environment.

The Backyard Monsters gives us a unique chance to study the insects at closer quarters.

As if reduced to insect size, the visitor will move through a jungle of the backyard, where blades of grass are more like trees, and you can bump into a praying mantis, a scorpion, a beetle, a dragonfly, and two busy ants. They all appear in huge dimensions that reveal all the small details. They move their bodies and limbs – maybe to catch us, maybe to frighten us away. A fly struggles in a net, and we see how easy a prey it is for the black scorpion.


FRYING MANTIS Credit : F&R Exhibition And Conference

The exhibition starts with about thousand insects presented in scientific displays. You will see:

  • How insect specimens are prepared
  • The differences between mammal skeletons and insect armour
  • The parts that make up a beetle
  • The fantastic shapes and colours that butterflies can take.


Visitors can learn the following:

  • The different kind of mouth mechanisms the insects use the ways insects fly
  • What the honeycomb is made of
  • Which colours of flowers attract which insects
  • How ants mark off their tracks
  • How the world looks through the insect’s compound eye
  • How six-legged insect moves.


Play with a series of wooden shapes labeled with numbers which fit together to make a giant ant. Parts of the insect are identified on the puzzle pieces. Visitors will learn the basic characteristics of an insect.


Take a mechanical insect with six moving legs for a walk! Experiment with the controls to make the insect walk back and forth. Learn how insects are being studied by engineers as a model for walking machines. In this activity, visitors will be able to learn how insects walk and the advantages of having six legs as well as how insects contribute to technology study.

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4 responses to “Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Exhibition @ Maritime, Putrajaya

  1. Hi! We plan to come here next week, can you give us tips on the best time for us to come and how much time we need to stay to see the entire place? We will be 2 moms, 3 kids (9,7, and 3 years old).

    • Hi back! Thanks for the visit!
      Well difficult to say because it’s school holiday now. My guess is the best time is during weekdays, morning when it opens at 10 am. How long you gonna stay is really up to you, but you can finish it all less than an hour.
      Have fun when you are there! 🙂

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