10 Creative Ways To Say Thank You

While a “Thank You Very Much” note can be a good idea, but it’s more fun to include something extra-ordinary extra. Homemade thank-you cards is a great idea or sending a photo or video and giving flowers showing our gratitude!


Send a Picture

A picture can be worth a thousand words when it comes to gratitude. This is certainly true with a thank-you card. Send a photo of yourself wearing the gift with a big smile on your face!

Bake Some Treats

Give your thanks an extra boost by including some homemade cookies, cupcakes, muffins, or bread along with a handwritten note. Acknowledge the effort of that thoughtful friend, neighbor, or family member with something sweet to eat.

Give a Bouquet

Whether it’s a single stem or a lush bouquet, giving flowers can be a thoughtful way to convey thanks for a gift or kind deed.

‘Steal’ From the Newspaper

Sometimes finding perfect headlines in newspapers mentioning people who have the same name can become great thank you note when arranged creatively!

Give a Gift Card

Spending a lot on a gift card is not necessary when saying thanks — a small token amount will be appreciated. A perfect example is giving a gas card!

Shoot a Video

This is a great way to show thanks and express gratitude, especially for a gift that was sent by a loved one who couldn’t give it in person at a party or other event.

Make Your Own Thank-You Note

Who says a thank-you note has to be store-bought and generic? Grown-ups and kids alike can express their creativity— and gratitude — with a homemade thank-you card.


Create a Photo Album

Making your own photo album is a great way to say thanks. Buy an inexpensive photo book and fill it with pictures the recipient would enjoy.

Give an IOU

Sometimes one good turn deserves another. Next time an expression of gratitude is in order, try providing an IOU along with that thank-you card. Depending on the recipient, the IOU could be for anything from mowing the lawn or cleaning the house!

Show You’re Thinking About Them

Nothing makes a person feel more special than knowing someone is thinking of her/him. Along with an expression of thanks, send a little something chosen uniquely for them. Send a book that will help them with an issue they are going through for example.



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