18 Blogs That Will Turn You Into a Well-Rounded Tumblr Pro

1. The Daily What

Tumblrs to Follow The Daily What


The standard for what a Tumblr should be, The Daily What is a near universally followed blog that offers daily updates that include new memes, Gifs, DIYs and news. It’s the every-tumblr-users Tumblr.

2. Beyonce

Tumblrs to Follow BeyonceIAM.BEYONCE.COM

Since joining Tumblr a year ago her site has been a nonstop cache of photos reminding you why she’s the Queen Bey. From travel to home, backstage to Blue Ivy, her blog gives fans an inside look at the view from the top.

3. Texts From Dog

Tumblrs to Follow Texts From DogTEXTFROMDOG.TUMBLR.COM

The insanely funny conversations between a dog and his owner will have you wishing your dog had opposable thumbs and an unlimited data plan. Dare to dream.

4. Whole Foods

Tumblrs to Follow Whole FoodsDARK-RYE.TUMBLR.COM

“Dark-Rye” is an online magazine from Whole Foods Market that posts contributions from various designers, writers, foodies and more. Dark-Rye will help hone your cooking skills, learn more about nutrition or sometimes just leave you drooling over really pretty food pics.

5. Reasons My Son Is Crying

Tumblrs to Follow Reasons My Son Is CryingREASONSMYSONISCRYING.TUMBLR.COM

Any parent, nanny, or older sibling knows it doesn’t take much to make a toddler cry. This hilarious blog features photos of children crying and the brief, usually inane, motive behind their tears.

6. Coca-Cola

Tumblrs to Follow Coca-ColaHTTP://COCA-COLA.TUMBLR.COM

“Where happiness lives online,” this blog features graphics, gifs and fun brand inspired artwork while also kind of making you crave a nice cold Coke. You’ve been warned!

7. The Hunger Games

Tumblrs to Follow The Hunger GamesCAPITOLCOUTURE.PN

Perfect for any Hunger Games die-hards who just can’t wait for Catching Fire to be released. Featuring all your favorite Panem characters in various outfits, this faux fashion blog gives you a sneak peak at some of the clothing that may be waiting for us in the second Hunger Games installment.

8. The Worst Room

Tumblrs to Follow The Worst RoomTHEWORSTROOM.TUMBLR.COM

For any New Yorker who thinks they’re living in the worst apartment in the city, here’s a chance to present your case. Uploaded photos of some of the area’s bleakest and strangely laid out lofts will have you reconsidering leaving your current building.

9. Anthropologie

Tumblrs to Follow AnthropologieBLOG.ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes, discounts on merchandise or just some fashion inspiration, the Anthropologie-run blog will give you all that and more. The site occasionally features contests with prizes as well as pictures from its well-maintained Instagram.

10. Katy Perry

Tumblrs to Follow Katy PerryKATYPERRYBLOG.TUMBLR.COM

“Kitty Purry’s Blog” features personal and public pictures of the singer and, as the name might suggest, lots and lots of cat pictures. Katy obviously knows what the Internet wants.

11. National Geographic “Found”

Tumblrs to Follow National Geographic "Found"NATGEOFOUND.TUMBLR.COM

Pulled from the enormous backlog of photos collected by National Geographicover the past century this photo-blog posts stunning snapshots from all over the world. A must see for any aspiring photographer.

12. Reality TV Gifs

Tumblrs to Follow Reality TV GifsREALITYTVGIFS.TUMBLR.COM

Whether your vice is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or the latest installment ofReal Housewives, Reality TV Gifs provides you with a constant stream of lines and scenes from your favorite episodes, just begging to be sent to your friends and coworkers.

13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tumblrs to Follow Joseph Gordon-LevittHTTP://HITRECORD.TUMBLR.COM

The Dark Knight Rises star JGL’s visually appealing Tumblr showcases his many talents and tastes. His posts range from photographs and artwork to current projects and candid shots from his everyday life.

14. Sephora

Tumblrs to Follow SephoraTHEGLOSSY.SEPHORA.COM

Posts from “The Glossy” range from new products and fragrances to makeup “How-Tos” and “Inspiration” pages. This Sephora-run Tumblr is a solid go-to source for cosmetic tips and secrets.

15. When Parents Text

Tumblrs to Follow When Parents TextWHENPARENTSTEXT.COM

Texting is perhaps the greatest example of the parents-just-don’t-understand philosophy in action, and When Parents Text aims to immortalize these moments forever by sharing them with the world.

16. Anthony Bourdain

Tumblrs to Follow Anthony BourdainANTHONYBOURDAIN.TUMBLR.COM

Famed chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain uses his Tumblr to talk about international culture and cuisine. If you’re at all a fan of No Reservations, you’ll love his in-depth thoughts about the many countries he’s visited over the years.

17. How Do I Put This Gently

Tumblrs to Follow How Do I Put This GentlyHOWDOIPUTTHISGENTLY.TUMBLR.COM

Life can be difficult and sometimes we need reassurance that everyone else is struggling through it right along with us. How Do I Put This Gently features reaction gifs to the everyday occurrences we all experience.

18. iVillage Foodies

Tumblrs to Follow iVillage FoodiesIVILLAGEFOODIES.TUMBLR.COM

The perfect place to find all the delicious eats that make our stomachs growl! Warning: Viewing right before lunch may drive you crazy.


And you must check out this one too!

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David Archuleta Official Site



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