♪Mama I Love You…Mama i Care~~♪ Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Show Your Love With 10 Mother’s Day Meals for Every Mom!

 Make mom every meal of the day! From hearty vegetarian dishes to comfort food classics, recipes that will suit any mom’s tastes.

Very Vegetarian



If Mom’s made the choice to go meatless, give her what she wants: a filling vegetarian meal that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. Oven roasted eggplant adds hearty, meaty flavor (but no saturated fat) to this family-friendly pasta dish that everyone can help make.
Get the recipe for roasted eggplant pasta.
More veggie-friendly dishes:

Tres Francais


Maybe you can’t whisk your mom off to Paris for her special day, but you can pretend you’re sitting down to dinner at a charming neighborhood bistro just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. A simple coq au vin recipe cooks in a single skillet, bringing classic French flavor without fussy preparation.
Get the recipe for coq au vin.
More French fare:

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in BedCASEY BARBER

Making Mom breakfast is a tried-and-true Mother’s Day ritual (even if you ultimately end up passing the syrup at the dining room table). These easy baked eggs let the oven do the work, so you have more time to pour Mom another cup of coffee.
Get the recipe for baked eggs with leeks.
More breakfast recipes:

All-American Classics

All-American ClassicsAMANDA HESSER

Who says dads get dibs on steak and potatoes for Father’s Day? Let Mom have some of the fun with a quick-grilled hanger steak, full of flavor without a hefty price tag — or “fried” chicken that bakes quickly in the oven. Heck, throw in a well-deserved martini for the lady as well!
Get the recipe for grilled hanger steak.
More American favorites:

Berry Sweet


Even a mom who normally skips breakfast can appreciate light, fruit-filled recipes that bring natural sweetness to the table. A simple fruit salad with a dressed-up dressing is an easy, healthy way for her to start her day.
More berry-riffic fare:

Fromage Femme

Fromage FemmeINA GARTEN

Sure, anyone can make mac and cheese out of the blue box, but for Mother’s Day, go the extra mile. Give Mom the cheesiness she craves with a little something special in the mix, like a heaping helping of lobster courtesy of Ina Garten.
More cheesy bites:

Comfort Food


There’s nothing like Mom’s pot roast and mashed potatoes, is there? She loves it just as much as you do, so why not prepare her comfort food favorites for a change?
Get the recipe for pot roast.
More comforting classics:

Patio Party


The flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining — so what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by packing a picnic lunch? Hold the mayo with these picnic-basket favorites that keep well outdoors, like a fancy take on tuna salad with tarragon and Dijon mustard.
More al fresco favorites:

Light and Healthy

Light and HealthyEATINGWELL, INC.

Let Mom skip the gym and indulge without guilt. Meatless chickpea burgers will be a favorite for the whole family when drizzled with creamy tahini sauce; finish with a scoop of pineapple sorbet for a refreshing, fat-free dessert.
More low-fat recipes:

Soup, Salad, and Sandwich

Soup, Salad, and Sandwich‘WICHCRAFT/TOM COLICCHIO

Don’t let Mom’s lunch be a slapped-together sandwich and soup from a can! These fancy upgrades to the classic midday trio bring elegance and flavor to a traditional meal. Bonus points for serving the meal on your best china with real silverware. (And don’t forget the cloth napkin!)
Credit : iVillage Food

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