Vendly A ‘Twitter For E-Commerce’

What a boombastic idea! 🙂


Chilean startup Vendly, backed by a $200,000 seed from UDD Ventures — and now relocated to San Francisco and looking to raise a Series A this spring — wants to cash in on mobile by turning your smartphone into a free mobile marketplace. The Vendly iPhone app lets you sell (aka ‘vend’) items; impulse buy from your friends (or strangers); and help others sell their items by ‘revending’ (think retweeting) their item on your profile so that all your friends/followers get to see it, too.

Why should you revend an item? Not just because you’re a nice person, of course. If your revend results in a successful sale you’ll get a commission for your help — or that’s the theory. The current version of the app does not incorporate the payment process but instead opens up an IM chat between buyer and seller so they can resolve how to pay between themselves. But…

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