10 Ways to Be a Happier Person for the Rest of Our Life


But how we do that, being happy in today’s society is so hard. It’s actually pretty easy, it’s just about making a few changes in yourself and your lifestyle and building upon them throughout the year until kindness is second nature and before you know it, Boom, you’ll be a happier  come #DA2014. 😀 But ultimately the real “happiness” is realizing that happiness is a choice and stop relying on others to make us happy. More of positive attitude will make all the difference.

Hug your kids

Hug your kids


Help a crying stranger


Help the needy


Rescue an animal


Acknowledge others
You never know when someone is having a terrible day, and something as simple as a genuine smile and actual eye contact can make a huge difference.


Show affection like a boss
Hug like you mean it.


Honor the elderly
Pay attention to them, respect them, offer them your seat or a smile


Peace and quiet, quite

More how to be happier here!


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