Santai (Relax) @ Gemilang Square, Putrajaya


It will be a regular every Sunday event! This weekend will be the 2nd activity of the event!

When : 13 January 2013

Where : Gemilang Square, Precinct 4, Putrajaya

santai dataran gemilang

Source : PPJ Events

Pleased to inform that the Programme Santai (Relax) @ Gemilang Square this weekend will feature a variety of activities including stalls and stage performances featuring poetry performances with guitar Gaza, the main character appearance, the eponymous animated TV series BoboiBoy, dance and cultural performances, a presentation of the University of Lim Kok Wing, with Smart Quiz CLICK Commission, artistic gymnastics(senam seni) and singer Mama Rina, of Academy Fantasia 6. The parents can also bring their children bathe in wadding pool clean & safe to use.

So, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy with the family at Gemilang Square, Precinct 4 on January 13, 2013, from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Dataran Gemilang Map

Map Dataran Gemilang


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