Working It Out @ 1 Malaysia Gym, Putrajaya

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Monday is Ladies Day @ 1 Malaysia Gym, KBS, Putrajaya.  So ladies come out and you own the gym!! 🙂


There are many many gyms in Putrajaya.  Every Precinct here are provided with a gym, placed at the Kompleks Kemudahan Kemasyarakatan(3K) (Community Facilities Complex)  Complex.  I’ve been to most of them, but this 1Malaysia Gym belongs to the Ministry Of Youth & Sports situated at the ministry building abbr as KBS building is the biggest, equipped with so many complete equipments is the best so far in Putrajaya.

This is what you see as you enter to the righ cr club gymnasium rakyat menara KBS Putrajaya

This is what you see as you enter to the righ cr club gymnasium rakyat menara KBS Putrajaya

Daily opened at 5 to 10pm during the weekdays and 9 am to 2 pm during the weekend with just RM4 per entry and student RM3.  Monthly, RM40 and student RM30.  And the aerobic sessions are held on every Monday and Wednesday at 5.30 – 6.30 pm is free of charge, you just need to pay for the gym entrance only.  The gym is under the sports department which the sport officer in-charge can be contacted at 03-88713735.

How to get there.

They provide these bicycles for rent at RM5 each, and you can rides allover Putrajaya for good exercise!

Bicycles for rent

Bicycles for rent

And the rest of the picture.

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11 responses to “Working It Out @ 1 Malaysia Gym, Putrajaya

  1. any other reference where i can get the phone number for the management or reception over at the KBS gymnasium?
    i wanna ask about the entry fee, according to you sir its rm4. but it there a monthly package? i’ve checked with kbs webpage, there don’t have the contact number.
    going daily at rm4 a month would be rm120. fitness first offers rm68. but kbs is much more convenient in terms of distance and access. any info? help please.

    • Hi there Aaron! thanks for visiting! 🙂 I’ve updated the post with some infos regarding your questions. Check it out. Hope it help you. Have you been there? You can check the infos at the reception counter. Have a nice day!

  2. I called the agent and he said it RM40 per month. They even held a programme for those who wants to lose weight. If you participate, u will undergo a 4-months programme with all talks and seminar and get to access the gym for free!
    If interested please contact En Azam: 010-6619319

  3. hey,,im a student from srilanka,, currently studying in Malaysia.i would like to know as an international student am i allowed to workout in 1 Malaysia gym?

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