David Archuleta

Dear Dave,

Who turns each day into a gift

for other people and us fans.  We are blessed to have been touched by your music and soul, inspirations and especially by just being YOU as a person.  It’s been an amazing  journey you brought us with you, it’s been fun, magical and quite adventurous too.  It has  been really a busy one at a glance through these pictures right from Idol time and to the very last day before going for the LDS mission. I guess the busy life continues to even where you are serving right now.  It seems it’s been kind of that way even long before that, the Star Search time when you were 9 or 10.  What an accomplishment and a full life you’ve lived.  

So another journey begins, more adventures ahead with more confidence and force that now you turned 22, wiser than the already wiser you  🙂  The best-est of luck and wishing you more great accomplishment in the life you are now as a missionary and beyond #DA2014!  ‘Tis “The Prayer” back at you, because you need it too, and a pledge ♪ ♫ ♬ ..We’ll be waiting for you..Here inside our heart..We are the one who wants to love you more~~  ♪ ♫ ♬ ( yes this is the modified lyrics)

**All pictures credit to the rightful owner


28th December 2012


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