5 Yoga Poses to Ease Holiday Stress

Yoga Poses to Ease Holiday Stress

A series of yoga poses for all sources of holiday stress from cooking for the whole fam to sticking to one slice of grandma’s pie, to recovering from post-greenbean casserole bloat, and surviving an encounter with your nosy aunt.

Reverse warrior pose.

Eat More Mindfully

Reverse warrior pose. Start in a standing position and step back with your right leg, bending left knee to 90 degrees. Facing right, swing your left arm overhead so bicep is near left ear. Raise right arm and clasp hands, keeping shoulders down and chest open. Gaze down. Think about grounding your feet into the floor and bringing your focus onto body so you can be more mindful on your mat and off. Hold for 15 breaths; repeat on other side.

Plank pose

Deal with Difficult Relatives

Plank pose. Price says, “You need to be balanced to help you prepare for difficult relatives.” Begin with your right palm planted on floor, right knee down and left leg extended out to the side. Push yourself up so your right leg is straight, your bent left leg is stacked on top. Reach your left arm towards the sky and gaze up. Keep your core strong and shoulders down to avoid hunching. Hold for 15 breaths; repeat on other side.

Seated twist

Beat the Bloat

This seated twist will help “wring” your stomach out, making way for a healthy day-after meal. Begin sitting with legs extended in front of you. Bend right knee, crossing right ankle over left thigh. Reach right arm six inches behind rear, placing palm on floor. Reach left arm overhead and twist so your left elbow rests outside your right knee. Press body open, gazing over right shoulder. Imagine wringing out the toxins and bloat. Hold for 15 breaths; repeat on other side.

Camel pose

De-Stress Before Hosting

Camel pose open your throat, so “anything you need to say, you can speak your truth,” Price says. (Even if that means playfully yelling, “OK, everybody, out of the kitchen!”) Prior to guests arriving, begin in a kneeling position and reach back, cupping each heel in the corresponding hand (If you can’t reach your heels, aim for your calves or backs of thighs). Let your head fall back and throat open up. Press chest and hips forward. Hold for 15 breaths.

Seated Meditation

Sleep Better

Seated meditation. Sitting upright and cross-legged, inhale and exhale through nose in long, deep breaths. If you notice your mind wandering or chattering, bring your focus back to your breath to give those thoughts less importance. Try staying in this pose for 20 minutes if possible, ideally before bedtime.  Clear your mind, you may sleep better.

Credit & Source : http://www.ivillage.com


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