In support of charity organisations for their good deeds, for the 1st one, featuring Make-A-Wish Malaysia. (More details in their website, but all the important facts is summarized here)

The Make-A-Wish® Foundation is the largest non-profit wish granting organization in the world, now in over 35 countries on 5 continents.

History of Make-A-Wish Malaysia

It was launched in 2010 and on average they grant 2 new wishes every month. Constantly receive new referrals and with only one staff member, they rely on their dedicated volunteers to help grant wishes and raise funding for their mission. They currently have 30 volunteers and the majority of them are trained as Wish Granters.

Pioneers of Make-A-Wish® Malaysia

While Make-A-Wish® is an international organization, all money raised in Malaysia will only be spent on granting the wishes of Malaysian children. Make-A-Wish® Malaysia is also non-denominational, has no religious affiliation, but rather embraces the concept of ‘One Malaysia’ and includes all Malaysian communities.

Make-A-Wish® International serves children outside the United States, while the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of America serves children within the United States. Both organizations have granted more than 240,000 wishes around the world since 1980.

Mission of Make-A-Wish® 

Granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Types Of Wishes 

Most of the children’s wishes fall into four categories:

  • I wish to be …. e.g. a Princess, a Flight Attendant, a Fireman
  • I wish to go …. e.g. Swim with Dolphins, Go to the Beach, Universal Studios
  • I wish to meet …. e.g. Maya Karin, Liyana Jasmay, astronaut Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar
  • I wish to have …. e.g. a musical instrument, a Laptop, a Make Over of my bedroom

Wish Eligibility 

The child must be between 3 and 18 years of age and have a life-threatening illness. The child must be resident in Malaysia in order to qualify for a wish and must not have received a wish from another wish organisation

Refer A Child

Make-A-Wish® Malaysia accepts wish referrals in any of the following ways:

  • Any medical professional treating the child, e.g. doctor, nurse, social worker
  • The child’s parent or legal guardian
  • The wish child or sibling

Once a child is referred and is eligible, the wish-granting team meet the family and child to discover more about the child’s wish and from there decide how to make their wish come true in the most special way possible.

How is A Wish Granted

Once the child’s doctor certifies that the child is eligible and the child’s wish is approved, Make-A-Wish® Malaysia will work to create a magical and memorable wish experience for the child and his/her family.

First Wish Granted in Malaysia

Aqilah : Stewardess-To-Be

In 2010, Make-A-Wish® Malaysia celebrated its first wish by making nine year old Aqilah’s dream of being an air hostess come true. Partnering with Malaysia Airlines Services (MAS) and the Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, this wish was granted.

Beautifully wearing MAS stewardess uniform (the uniform and accessories made for Aqilah suit her well and so lovely, thank you), Aqilah started her wish day with a great party @ MH Mock Flight Simulator at Malaysia Airlines Academy (MAA) and tour inside the academy.

More >>> Wishes Story or visit Make A Wish Malaysia Site


Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Make-A-Wish® Malaysia is a registered charity in Malaysia and thus is eligible for Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes, which can not only raise much-needed funds but create team building and memorable experiences for the entire workplace. Some ideas are: climbing Kota Kinabalu, organising a Football Marathon, Quiz Night, Disco Night, etc.

Official Friends and Supporters

Please contact us at telephone number +603 2011 3300 or regarding any queries or fundraising ideas.

Schools & Universities

There are many ways that students can become involved with and support Make-A-Wish®, for example running a School Bazaar, Coin Run, Disco Night, Concert or Football tournament. Please contact us at telephone number +603 2011 3300 for any queries or fundraising ideas.


In-Kind Donations

Companies or individuals can donate products, services or talents to help fulfill wishes. In-kind donations help Make-A-Wish® keep expenditure costs low and thus make more wishes come true. These may include transportation to wish locations, hotel loyalty points, catering, printing, frequent flyer miles. Donated toys, laptops, etc. must be new.

Monetary Donations

Donations may currently be made by posting a cheque, or via telephone, or online with a credit card. Cheques should be made payable to Make-A-Wish® Malaysia and posted to:

Make-A-Wish® Malaysia, T – 117B, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285 Jalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Credit Card donations may be made by phone. Telephone us at: +6 016-318 5372

Online donations may be made at

Donate by Bank Transfer can be made at
RHB Bank
Account No 2-14277-0005323-0
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Lot G01 Ground Floor
Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur
(Please indicate name in bank transfer message)


What does being a Volunteer involve

There are many ways to contribute by being a Make-A-Wish® volunteer, e.g. by being involved in wish-granting, or in the office helping with necessary administration to ensure the smooth running of wish-granting, or assist in fund-raising and events. IT assistance, etc.

A commitment of several hours a week is not necessary, merely volunteer for a few hours a month. We provide full training.

How to become a Volunteer

Click here to become a Volunteer


The office for Make-A-Wish® Malaysia is located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Our national office manages all aspects of wish-granting, volunteer administration, finance, general administration and public relations.

Make-A-Wish® Malaysia Office
3rd Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285 Jalan Maarof, 59000
Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +603 2011 3300
Fax: +603 2011 3300

Online Enquiry Form


It’s something to be proud of for such as this organisation is here in Malaysia in helping granting wishes to those unfortunate children here locally.  We should support these organisations, may it be in kind, fun or volunteering, any small effort could really make a difference!

But am not aware of any organisation here so far, celebrating senior citizen and making dreams come true for them.  And it would be great, helping to make the World a Nicer Place to Age! One Wish at a Time! 🙂

Here for example a Twilight Wish Org in the United State

Phyllis wished to meet David(David Archuleta), but because of her health issues, was unable to leave her home.  Despite fighting a cold and leaving the next day for the Philippines, David visited them at their home and sang two songs to them, including Phyllis’ favorite: “Ave Maria.” – Twilight Wish Org

Check it out here.  Do you know any out there here in Malaysia?

(**All pictures credit to the owner)


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