Breakfast @ Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney Kopitiam, Galeria PJH, Putrajaya, front view

New eating place in Putrajaya. It’s called Killiney Kopitiam at the Galeria PJH Building in Presint 4.  Here’s the special main dishes; Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and Singapore Katong Laksa.

It’s more like snack spot, eat light, easy access and very cosy environment eating place. The menu;

Image of Killiney Road

The main dish include the Coconut Rice and other normal breakfast dish such as toast and half boiled egg set.

Here are the rest of the menu

The hot drinks and the cold drink/juices

Comfy and cosy restaurant to have your snack and not so heavy food.

This is what we see as we enter from the inside of the Galeria building

the tables arrange nicely, for two, tree and four.

There are a launch seating at the far end

Family table sitting and we can see other main dishes on top of the bar section

Family tables section

View from the inside/the other end

Another view far end from inside

The bar and the counter section

There to wash our hand

These are what we had for breakfast this morning!

“Keropok Lekor” Set (RM3.00)

Had half boil eggs with toasted bread with “pulling tea” all time classic set (RM7.80 + RM2.80)

And i have to highlight here, the “teh tarik“(pulling tea) is the best i ever had so far….kow kow haha.

Well we really enjoyed our breakfast, and will try the Singapore Katong Laksa next visit!  You should try this place if you happened to be nearby! 🙂


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