Beyond Guac : 5 Surprising Uses for Avocados

Shout out true love towards guacamole!  😀

Think beyond guac and try some of these surprising uses for avocados – you may just be surprised at how versatile they are.

A bowl of guacamole beside a tomato and a cut ...

A bowl of guacamole beside a tomato and a cut avocado, as served by the El Tango Taqueria in Lakewood, Ohio, USA (part of the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan area). The photographer noted on Flickr that the “chef/owner brought over the avocados and tomato after he saw the camera” and that it was “[m]ade fresh to order”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Grilled avocado boats. These are sure to surprise your dinner guests. Slice the avocado in half, removing the pit. Stick them on the grill, face down, and cook until they start to melt and get grill marks. Fill the “boats” with a black bean-tomato-corn salsa or shrimp salad.
  2. “Creamy” green pasta. Add smashed avocado mixed with a little pasta water for a delicious “cream” sauce for noodles. The avocado lends an amazing texture and a cool green color to the pasta.
  3. Fat replacer. Using avocado to replace butter decreases saturated fat and increases nutrients in baked goods. Avocado makes baked goods soft, creamy and less crumbly (it’s also a fantastic standby in vegan and vegetarian baking).

    English: A seedless avocado, or cuke, growing ...

    English: A seedless avocado, or cuke, growing next to two regular avocados. Location: San Pablo Huitzo, Oaxaca, Mexico. Español: Aguacate sin semilla en Oaxaca, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  4. Smoothies. Avocados enhance the color and texture of green smoothies. Blend avocado with yellow-colored fruits (like mango, bananas and pineapple) and some leafy greens for an electric-green smoothie filled with flavor and nutrition.
  5. Face mask. Wondering how to use those overripe avocados? Smash it up and smear in it on your face. The essential oils can help rehydrate the skin, giving you a smooth finish and refreshed look!

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