News On Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Science Centre lit up the night sky in a vivid shade of pink as thousands of people came together to create breast cancer awareness among Malaysians.

The building, along with others chosen around the world, will be “washed” in pink for the whole of October.

Organised by Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia, its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign aims to educate Malaysian women about the importance of early detection and treatment since 1996.

Its managing director Paul Slavin said that the campaign was a global initiative involving over 40 countries.


Pretty in pink: The National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur aglow in pink and will remain so in that colour until the end of October.

Participants of the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk showing their ‘true colours’ when creating awareness about cancer.

Note : I like they are using ..”showing their ‘true colours’..” describing the support! 😀


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