[Pictures] – Walk For Health 2012, Putrajaya

Some pictures taken at the Walk For Health 2012, Putrajaya this morning!  Loads of people turned up at the walk event.  It was cheerful and appreciated, and it shows from the turn ups!

Completing the walk! The blue balloon mark the finishing.

Cheerfully approaching the finishing line!

All ready in front of the stage for the reasult announcement

Patiently waiting for the result!

The VIPs from MICCOS line up the front for the result announcement.

Then when announced the most participation from school, all the Sri Puteri School from Cyberjaya raised up their hands and scream! Awesome!

There! The winner from the children group, or was it the runner up! 😛

The nicely hamper prizes arranged, for the winners and participants.

The sound man booth

The clown with balloons ready to give to the lining up children

This to the children delight!

Ok, line up kids if you want this….

Enjoying the break with some food after the walk in the offices building garden in the green.

People all ages showed up

The stage view

Some stalls selling all kind of things

Food stalls

And for more click the picture for the picture galery.

It was a symbolic event…a walk for health…what’s not good with that right.  Didn’t wait until finished.  I understood some artist will performed…


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