David Archuleta BEGIN. Also On iTunes, Asia Pacific Stores Now!

By end of August to September up to end of this week David Archuleta new album BEGIN. availability in CDs and digital download wise has covered most of Asia Pacific countries.  This is good news to the fans and all good music lovers here.  They can just walk into any good music stores to get the album now.  Or for the internet buying lover, they can just go onto the internet and then the iTunes in their respective country stores and click to buy, to download it digitally!  Wow talk about modern techno, it does wonders! 🙂

Yeah, he has invade Asia Pacific by not even being here himself, he’s away for his 2 years  LDS mission.  So the good news was delivered on his Official Site today by the Archuleta Team.

BEGIN. in Asia Pacific

BEGIN. in Asia PacificSep 13, 2012Great news for fans in the Asia Pacific region: David’s new album BEGIN. is now available in local record stores in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and will be released in Indonesia later this week!BEGIN. is now also available for digital download on iTunes in almost all Asia Pacific stores – check out the links below:

iTunes Australia

iTunes Hong Kong

iTunes Japan

iTunes Malaysia

iTunes New Zealand

iTunes Philippines

iTunes Singapore

iTunes Taiwan

iTunes Thailand

iTunes Vietnam

Well, Asia Pacific fans and good music goers go get your copies! 🙂


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