Update On David Archuleta BEGIN. In Malaysia

BEGIN. on the display rack inside the store

Well today we can find the new album BEGIN. on most of Rock Corner music stores.  Salute for the fast service, where for Speedy Video music store will only be stocked up later this week.  That’s how business should be run.  They got the first hand customers who’ll buy more than one copy!

So got my copies from Rock Corner music store!  When walked into the store straight away I can see BEGIN. right at the front counter!

You can see straight away the album when you enter the store!

Closer focus, that many before I took/bought my copies haha

On the display rack further inside the store, they’re up there.

There a closer view

I’ve bought some copies earlier from WOWHD(HK) on-line.  But wont miss the thrills of buying some more from my local music store!  It’s like a dream came through.  And noticed the slight difference of the album package by Sony Music Malaysia.

You can see slight difference in the color packaging. To the right bought from WOWHD(US Copy) where to the left it’s more green the cd packed by Sony Music  Malaysia. No lighting tricks. Anyway both looking good to me!

The one at last right is the US copy from WOWHD and the rest is from Sony Music Malaysia pack.

So David Archuleta‘s BEGIN. has begun in Malaysia!  By end of the week it’ll be stocked up in all major music stores here.  Have you got your copy yet? Don’t miss on great music!


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