Top 10 Tools To Embed Videos In Your Post

1. HTML 5 Code

HTML5 is one of the most famous new techniques. It’s widely discussed thanks to new video playback and other cool features. Surely, HTML5 video enriches web surfing experience. It eliminates the need for a special flash player on a WordPress page. However, it has a disadvantage – it is supported only by the latest versions of web browsers. Besides, you need to convert video to most popular video formats, keep these video files on your server and have sufficient coding skills.

2. Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a popular free video converter. Known for its simplicity, the video converter has an advanced option – convert video for web. If you convert a video to SWF or FLV format, you will be given a web flash player code automatically. Copy the code and upload video to server- no more else to do. Probably it’s one of the easiest ways to embed video into a blog page.

3. Video Coding

Free video coding is a web app that helps to create a web player. The process is simple – go to the website, follow steps, add your video URL and post the code to your blog page. The player is pure and quite laconic, thus suitable for a novice web blogger.

4. Video LightBox

Video LightBox offers beautiful pop-up flash players for your video. If you want to embed something more sophisticated than Free Video Coding or plain HTML5 frame – Video LightBox is what you been looking for. You can select various sorts of player designs: rounded, rectangular, Polaroid or yellow sticker styles. Besides, browse device-targeted templates – Mac, PC, Android or Facebook like player layouts.

5. Flash Player

Free FLV Player is free online tool to make custom web players. It’s pretty easy to work with – add a video URL, select player template and copy to code to your WordPress Editor. Here you can choose background color, border type or audio volume level. The web app is flexible and handy.

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