Smartype Type, Your New Type!

Wow! Very interesting!! Smart indeed. 🙂

Smartype Keyboard


Do you ever look down at your keyboard while you’re typing? You kie! I mean, you lie! I had to look down at my hands to correct that. I’d say that Mavis Beacon must be rolling over in her grave, but I just found out that she’s a fictional character. Another kie from my childhood!

The Smartype keyboard throws conventional typing technique out the window by featuring a built-in screen that spans the section above the top row of keys. As you type, you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor magically appear character by character.

Israel-based KeyView, the company behind the Smartype, promises that being able to look down at your hands while you type can increase your typing speed, minimize errors, help you focus and reduce the strain to your neck and eyes.

And what gadget would be complete without apps? Though not yet available, you’ll…

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