Heart Of “My City” In 360 Panorama!

Hi!! I always put my first experience in my blog so here is another one.

You have heard of this Photography App 360 Panorama, which is one of many in the world of Computer/Phone Apps currently.  I am using it on my iPhone.  I guess many of you have been using and became familiar with it.

Anyway this is my first try on this App!  And i captured the heart of my city i live in, Putrajaya.  This is the Government Administrative Center which compacted in one 360 view!

For the actual feel of the 360 view you can see it first hand here, http://360.io/SgRYWq (Can’t embed it in here…does anyone know?)  Have a visit!

And here is the flat image of the Panorama.  It was a gloomy evening and the rain was just stopped…

Started from left, the Putrajaya Holding(PjH) Building, then Sri Wilayah Tower and at the very far end in small specs are the Putra Mosque and the Prime Minister Office.  Then come back to the Accountant General Department, The Custom Department Offices next to the Ministry of Finance building.  Later part is Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism, Immigration Department, Auditor General Department and many more that cant really be seen because it’s in adjacent and leads straight to Putrajaya International Conference Center(PICC).  Then back again to various government offices includes Ministry of Agriculture and National Registration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs.  And meet again at the PjH Building to complete the 360.

Besides flat image the app give us the stereotype image of the views captured too;

This is in stereo view which that would be me in the middle taking the panorama!


From the outer view!  That  means i’m standing at the outside of it capturing the view!

It’s been very interesting using this app, and for sure i will continue capturing more panoramas in the near future.  Will pay more attention on focusing the target so that it’ll all be captured without a gap left out in between.  What an awesome app and gotta love modern technology!

So have you tried this? Wish me happy exploring and good luck! haha..


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