The iPhone 5 Is Coming In A Month: How Big Will The Screen Be?

Well i think most of us are excited for the new iPhone 5 that’s going to be released soon. Lets take a look at one of the rumor news “huffingtonpost” below:

Iphone 5 gonna At this point in the game, we’re pretty sure thatApple will unveil its next iPhone on September 12, or somewhere close. All that remains is to figure out what the heck this thing is going to look like.

We think — think! — that the major difference between the so-called “iPhone 5” and iPhone 4S will be a larger screen: Rumors put the screen size of the iPhone 5 at 4.0-inches diagonally, up from 3.5-inches diagonally on the iPhone 4S. This week, 9to5Mac wunderkind Mark Gurman was toying around with a pre-release of the iOS 6 operating system and found that it conveniently scales up to a taller iPhone display, with 5 rows of icons instead of 4.

That would seem to be a sign that when iOS 6 ships, along with the new iPhone, it will fit fine on both the 3.5-inch display of the iPhone 4S AND the taller display of the iPhone 5. How big will that display be? Well, according to a fresh leak from the Chinese, it’s still on track to be 4.0-inches. More interestingly, that report claims the next iPhone will be 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S, chiseling down the width of the phone to 7.6mm.

That would be pretty, pretty thin, if it’s true; alas, isn’t the most reliable of sources. Still,after Peter Svensson of the Associated Presscalled the iPhone 4S “small and chubby” compared to the top Android phones, we’d be very surprised if Apple didn’t substantially thin its new iPhone.

How true this is gonna be, what else can we do but to wait and see! 🙂


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