The Olympics 2012 London Is ON!

Woken up this morning for “sahur” witnessing the opening ceremony LIVE from London on Malaysia‘s TV2.  The message it brings not the winning that matters most, but it’s on how we do it! Let the games begin! 🙂

The athletes contingent participates from all over the world entered the Olympic Stadium London!

Cheering for my Country! Malaysia!!

Malaysian Team Olympics London 2012 entered the Stadium!

Malaysian Team entering the stadium!


Then really caught the attention is the Home Team proudly, the pride of the British, entered last cheerfully!

And the confetti dropped in!

But the highlight was the lighting th torch! It was really a moving and fabulous! Instead of just a single torch it was a round formation of torches! LOVELY!

And it became really spectacular!

And more spectacular

And the stadium really celebrate!!

And the Queen officiate the Olympics 2012 London!

The Olympics Rings!

And the Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012 London was closed by the Beatles!!

And i wish David Archuleta will performed at the Olympics opening or closing ceremony one day. 🙂

Gotta love Sir Paul!

Was a really captivating and amazing ceremony.  Good luck to all the country that participates!  And i’m sure most of us will be glued to the TV for the Olympics 2012 updates from now on!!

**Most of the Photos credit to my iPhone and Malaysia’s TV2 ! 🙂


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