Floria Putrajaya 2012 – The Launching Day

Well, yes it started today in Putrajaya.  The theme, “Bougainvillea Enduring Beauty”.  Officiated by The King.  First event of the dady with the artistic gymnastics just before the opening ceremony.

Floria 2012 Welcomes everyone!

Well i was early, only few people already arrived and kicked of by the  artistic gymnastics.

Some movement with the artistic gymnastics

And here’s the layout plan!

The layout plan

Back to the opening ceremony… before that important info;

Date: 30th June (Saturday) to 8th July (Sunday) 2012.
Theme: Bougainvillea, Enduring Beauty
Venue: Waterfront in Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Admission: FREE (opened to public)

Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs from 9am to 10pm
Friday – Sunday from 9am to midnight

Floria 2012 Official Website is here.
Floria 2012 Facebook page is here.

Interactive Google map here and directions here.
GPS: 2.924820, 101.685365

How to go to Floria Putrajaya 2012 (click on the link):
1. Bus

3. CarPutrajaya Floria 2012 Daily Program – click here.
Putrajaya Floria 2012 Floor Plan – click here.
The officiating stage attended by the seniors government officers and ministers

The officiating stage attended by the seniors government officers and ministers, waiting to be launched by The King.

Closer look of the stage

Cant wait for the officiating. breakfast was way overdue haha so we went to the food stall located away from the stage. 😀

Then time to check out the entrances of Gardens from government body, agencies, private sector and from Universities/Colleges and schools too.  Break into locals and international entrance too.

And participation of Australia won the Gold with this…

International Garden Entrance by Australia-Wona Bae won Gold!

Hmm…so few of the bougainvillea, but definitely unique, so won the Gold i guess. 😀

And the Silver won by Taiwan.

International Gardens Entrance by Taiwan won Silver

Well i see more orchids then the bougainvillea!

And the bronze is nowhere to be seen! Will go check again tomorrow i guess.

Other entrances …

Waa love the green background!

This look really neat!

Bougainvillea everywhere! Lovely!

For more entrances check out the slide show! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well i can say it’s an interesting launching day!  This festival last day will be on the 8th of July.  Next! Gonna check out the boat shows, evening events and the fireworks too of course! 🙂


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