Putrajaya Floria 2012

So it’s time for that festival again!! Check it out!!

Welcome to the Putrajaya FLORIA 2012 – Malaysia’s premier outdoor/indoor garden and flower showcase. Starting from 30 June – 8 July 2012, FLORIA 2012 will once again be held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.With over than 1 million visitors from all over the world on last year event (FLORIA 2011), we return with more spectacular and colourful festival. FLORIA 2012 will showcase the best of Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry; from commercial landscape products to garden design and flower displays. Exhibitors from Malaysia and other participating countries will create exceptional displays and presentations in a garden setting environment.

Themed “Bougainvillea – Enduring Beauty”, FLORIA 2012 will showcase the biggest collection of Bougainvillea in full bloom with outdoor and indoor theme garden displays.

Come and be part of the excitement!

Festival Theme

Bougainvillea – Enduring BeautyBougainvillea is a plant and flower which is very common in our landscape life. It can be grown, take care and bred easily, besides having various beautiful and attractive cultivars and hybrid. FLORIA 2012 will showcase Bougainvillea in various shapes with a lot of flower bunch, splendor, cheerful and vibrant colours. The theme explains even though this plant has been introduced and used since ancient times, yet the appearance to this day is ENDURING BEAUTY.

Festival Theme Flower

BougainvilleaBougainvillea has colourful flowers that blooms throughout the year and became a popular flower plant in the garden and home.

Interesting facts about the bougainvillea:

There are about 100 – 120 Bougainvillea cultivars/hybrids in Malaysia
Originated from South America and its botanical name is Bougainvillea spp.
Bougainvillea is from Nyctaginaceae family which contain 28 genera and 250 species. There are three main species of Bougainvillea in Malaysia – B. glabra, B. spectabilis and B. peruviana.
B. glabra ‘Mrs.Butt’ has arrived in Malaysia in 1923, followed by B. ‘Mrs. Mclean’ in 1933.

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