Anybody Knows What’s The Next David Archuleta’s Music Video Will Be?

I guess everyone in David Archuleta land simply can not wait for his new single Music Video from his Forevermore album which the first single is “Forevermore” from the album.  But before that lets take a look at all his previous Music Videos.

Crush! ♪♪..this Crush ain’t going awaay ayay yay..♪ From The Album “David Archuleta”.

A Little Too Not Over You ♪♪..i’m just a little too not over youu.. ♪ From The Album “David Archuleta”.

Touch My Hand ♪♪Can’t let the music stoppp…♪ From The Album “David Archuleta”.

(*Note: This video is not available out of the USA)

Something ‘Bout Love ♪♪Whoa oh oh oh..But don’t give up..♪ From The Album “The Other Side Of Down”.

WAIT ♪♪Even though you’re gone I can hear your Heart..♪ From The Album “The Other Side Of Down – Asian Tour Edition”.

Forevermore ♪♪I just cant compare you with anything in this world..♪ From The Album “OPM Cover by Side A, Forevermore”.

While the clue been thrown out in the form of lyrics from the song, goes like this  ♪♪For how many times I told you, I love you for this is all I know…♪ which that indicates the song “I’ll Never Go” from the album!  Well for whatever it is, would be, we just cant wait to get it 😀
Oh by the way his new album titled BEGIN. will be out in August 7th 2012.  Check it out at his Official Website soon!!

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